Books that get me out a book slump

I recently read this blog post by one of my favourite book blogger thebrowneyedbookworm and it got me thinking about the books that I constantly turn to, books that I know for sure will get me out of a book slump.
Corina, I hope you don’t mind but I’m totally borrowing your idea.

I think we all go through major reading slumps and when that happens, only an old favourite can pull you out of it. I have lost count of how many times I’ve read these books.

Rock Chick Series by Kristen Ashley

This series is an OG. I LOVE everything about Kristen Ashley’s older books. From her The Rock Chick series to her Dream man series, from her Chaos series to Colorado Mountain series, the Burg to The Three series …the list is endless. I adore them all but these three are 3 out of my 7 most reread books by Kristen Ashley.

Welcome to the Dark Side By Giana Darling

Like we need an introduction for this book. This book is just FIRE!! It’s taboo, age-gap galore, angsty, bloody, surprisingly very heartfelt and I LOVEEEEEEE this book so much.

Out of Ashes by L.A. Casey

There are MANY sci-fi romance books out there but I always turn to Out of Ashes because Out of Ashes was the first book that got me truly intrigued with this genre. This book is sexy and “unrealistic” and I LOVE getting lost in this world. With Book 2, Finally releasing this year, I will definitely be doing a re-read of it.

Julie Garwood

When all I want is to be swept away by Lairds and Dukes and Barons, I turn to none other than Julie Garwood. Even after all this time, I still more than love her books. I just have to go my bookshelf and pick ANY of her books and know for a fact that it will be brilliant as ever.

Beneath this Man by Jodi Ellen Malpas

The original Lord of the Manor is still my favourite to this day.
I LOVE this ridiculously over the top crazy beautiful, over the top mad possessive, challenging, extremely domineering male.
This book is SO OVER THE TOP but I can’t help but be on Central Jesse Cloud Nine every time I read this book.

Refuge by Karen Lynch

The only YA book in this list yet I adore this series.
Hands down one of my favourite book from the Relentless series. I more than adore this series but this is a book that just reignites my love for reading.
There is one particular scene in this book that is so simple yet everytime I read this book, I get giddy with excitement to read that particular scene.

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